Flash Disk Virus Cleaner

I just found this tool in the web and find it useful, save it with .bat extension then execute. It helps a lot.

echo Zabyer Flash Disk Virus Cleaner v1.0.3
echo http://www.zabyer.org
echo Last Updated: October 14, 2007  8:06am
echo ---------------------------------
echo Files that will be deleted:
echo imgkulot, INFO.exe, Desktop.ini, scvhosts.exe
echo TTM*.vbs, krag.exe, sysdll.exe, RavMon.exe, msv*.dll
echo and other flash disk pest!!!
echo ---------------------------------
echo Resetting Stupid Virus attributes...
echo (Disarming flash disk pest!)
attrib -r -h -s -a autorun.*
attrib -r -h -s -a TTM*.*
attrib -r -h -s -a imgkulot*.*
attrib -r -h -s -a RECYCLER\INFO.exe
attrib -r -h -s -a RECYCLER\Desktop.ini
attrib -r -h -s -a sysdll.exe
attrib -r -h -s -a krag.exe
attrib -r -h -s -a RavMon*.*
attrib -r -h -s -a msv*.dll
attrib -r -h -s -a scvhosts.exe
attrib -r -h -s -a svhost.exe
attrib -r -h -s -a C:\Windows\svhost.exe
attrib -r -h -s -a C:\Windows\svhost32.exe
attrib -r -h -s -a "New Folder".exe
echo ---------------------------------
echo Attributes Reset!
echo Preparing Clean-Up Procedures...
echo Next step is to delete all the pest.
echo ---------------------------------
echo ---------------------------------
echo Deleting Stupid Virus...
echo ---------------------------------
del autorun.*
del TTM*.*
del imgkulot*.*
del RECYCLER\Desktop.ini
del sysdll.exe
del krag.exe
del RavMon*.*
del msv*.dll
del scvhosts.exe
del svhost.exe
del C:\Windows\svhost.exe
del C:\Windows\svhost32.exe
del "New Folder".exe
echo ---------------------------------
echo Flash Disk Cleaned-Up!
echo ---------------------------------
echo Please report for new virus so that this Virus Cleaner will be updated. 🙂
echo Send to admin@zabyer.org or camilord@zabyer.org you feedbacks...
echo ---------------------------------