Dumping Binary Content Field value into File

Here is a quick way to dump an image(binary) field value into a file:

SET @SQL = 'bcp "select [binaryfield] from [database]dbo.[table] where field = " queryout "c:\temp\output.jpg" -T -n -S ' + @@ServerName
EXEC xp_cmdshell @SQL

bcp => Bulk Copy Program (a utility that installs with SQL Server and can assist with large data transfers)

-T => Trusted Connection
-n => Native Type
-S => Server/Instance name

for more info on bcp type
bcp /? on command line


Service Unavailable – Response.End/Response.Redirect

When an Application raises ThreadAbortException and it is not properly handled by the code this causes the Application Pool to crashed leading to Service Unavailable error on the site.

Response.End() work-around


Response.Redirect() work-around

Response.Redirect(someURL, false)